We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Corporate Planning and Management


Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.


Finance and Accounting 


From business audits to developing strategies, we offer significant auditing and consulting expertise to our clients.


Crisis Management


There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for any crisis, large or small.


Your vote counts: Kroll nominated in the National Law Journal Reader Choice Survey

January 24, 2016

In our fast-paced digital world, we often turn to our colleagues, independent reviewers and reports with product or service rankings before making any major purchasing decision.

Because of this, we want to encourage our clients and contacts to share their views on Kroll with their peers in the 2016 Best of the National Law Journal’s Reader Choice Survey.

While we assist all types of businesses, we at Kroll and Kroll Ontrack take great pride in supporting the legal industry. For over four decades, we have partnered with lawyers and law firms around the world to help them solve problems, manage legal risk and protect their clients’ interests. The services we provide for law firms — investigations, litigation support, conventional and cyber due diligence, compliance, cyber security, security risk management and ediscovery solutions — are as multifaceted as the challenges lawyers and their clients face on a daily basis.

Kroll and Kroll Ontrack are honored and excited to have been nominated for 14 awards in this year's Best of the National Law Journal’s Reader Choice Survey and want to make sure you have an opportunity to be part of the voting process.

You can vote for Kroll and Kroll Ontrack on the following survey categories:


Best national law firm business intelligence solution
Best litigation dispute advisory services consultant
Best global risk and investigations consultant
Best national cyber security provider
Best national corporate investigations provider

Kroll Ontrack

Best end-to-end litigation consulting firm
Best end-to-end ediscovery provider
Best technology assisted review ediscovery solution
Best data and technology management ediscovery provider
Best data recovery solution provider
Best managed document review services
Best managed ediscovery and litigation support services provider
Best online review platform
Best case management software

We encourage everyone to share the survey with their colleagues and peers. Voting closes on February 5, so please cast your vote today!

Take the Survey

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Cyber SecurityInvestigations
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Litigation Support
Cyber Litigation Support


Kroll ranked as a leader in recent Customer Data Breach Notification and Response Services report by

September 21, 2015

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Radio Nova from Romain Segaud on Vimeo.

'11-2-16' It was hard not to get caught up in the magic of this World Series. Congrats Cubbies!! You got me right in the feels! #flythew #chicagocubs #sketch #drawing #ameriCAN #illustration #pinup #baseball #getadick

Extraordinary Women
in Risk Management

We celebrate the women on Kroll’s global leadership team for their outstanding service to our clients around the world.

Kroll’s experienced leaders help clients make confident decisions about people, assets, and operations across the globe, delivering investigative, cyber security, business intelligence, due diligence, security risk management and compliance services.

Heads of Global Offices

[Reshmi Khurana] Reshmi Khurana, Mumbai, India
[Betsy Blumenthal] Betsy Blumenthal, San Francisco, USA
[Violet Ho] Violet Ho, Greater China
[Naoko Murassaki] Naoko Murasaki, Tokyo, Japan
[Marianna Vintiadis] Marianna Vintiadis, Milan, Italy

[Reshmi Khurana]

“I have been with Kroll for 13 years, working in New York, Singapore, and Mumbai. I have learned greatly from the deep expertise of the local staff, the variety of cases and clients, and each region’s socio-political climate.”

[Betsy Blumenthal]

“During my 27 years here we have raised 2 boys and Kroll has been a very family friendly company, long before many companies learned it is smart to be flexible. ”

[Violet Ho]

“Kroll has offered me much more than a career. I can’t think of any other job where you will have the opportunity to make a small but real difference to your team, your clients, and the world every day. ”

[Naoko Murasaki]

“Although Kroll is a global firm, my colleagues across the world have supported me like a real family since I joined 6 years ago. I am always inspired by my friendly colleagues, clients in various industries, and challenging projects.”

[Marianna Vintiadis]

“Having worked for many years in countries with a relatively low representation of women in senior roles, I have come to appreciate enormously the courage and innovation shown by Kroll in appointing me to its leadership team.”

Experts Spotlight

Betsy Blumenthal


North America

+1 415.743.4825 | Email

Violet Ho

Senior Managing Director, Greater China Co-Head, Investigations and Disputes

Asia Pacific

+852 2884 7777 | Email

Reshmi Khurana

Managing Director and Head of South Asia, Investigations and Disputes

Asia Pacific

+91 22 6724.0504 | Email

Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale

Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

+1 202.833.6868 | Email

Naoko Murasaki


Asia Pacific

+81 3 3509.7103 | Email

Zoë Newman

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Investigations and Disputes


+44 20 7029.5154 | Email

Marianna Vintiadis



+39 02 86998088 | Email

Fernanda Barroso

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

Latin America

+55 11 3897.0907 | Email

Marcia R. Berss

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

+1 312.345.2752 | Email

Lynn Correia

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

+1 416.813.4405 | Email

Mariellen Davies-DeMarco

Associate Managing Director, Compliance

North America

+1 703.860.0190 | Email

Abigail C. Marean

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

+1 212 833.3232 | Email

Elizabeth Ross

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes


+44 207 029 5448 | Email

Katy Shanahan

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

+1 617.210.7470 | Email

Sarah Zheng

ASSOCIATE MANAGING DIRECTOR, Investigations and Disputes

Asia Pacific

+86 21 6156 1713 | Email

Women in Cyber
Kroll is a proud supporter of the Women in Cyber alliance.

The Women in Cyber alliance brings together women who are established thought leaders as well as new additions to the cybersecurity industry to share their knowledge, experiences and insights, to help each other develop a more comprehensive understanding of current and upcoming cybersecurity issues, and to increase each other’s confidence when addressing technology related challenges.

These women come from diverse backgrounds in legal, insurance, corporate, and professional services companies. For more information on the group, interested professionals should contact Jennifer Rothstein at Kroll.

Her Justice
Kroll is proud to help provide pro bono services to Her Justice and the women they serve.

Her Justice engages the talent and resources of New York City's law firms and corporations, bringing together committed professionals and determined women to secure life-changing results. Her Justice’s wide network of contacts at legal and social service agencies, hospitals and clinics, the courts and police precincts, churches and shelters, helps to spread the word about Her Justice’s free legal services in family, divorce and immigration law. Kroll is proud to help provide pro bono services to Her Justice and the women they serve.

About Her Justice

Learn more about Her Justice in this short introductory video.

Learn More

Award Winning Legal Team

[Liz Lash]

Kroll's Associate General Counsel Elizabeth Lash was recently featured as one of 15 women in Best Lawyers magazine, for her achievements in practice and in policy, being recognized on both local and national levels.

"Though the legal profession has made—and continues to make—strides toward better representation of minorities and women in law school, in the ranks of associates, in leadership, and on the bench, women are still only 35 percent of practicing attorneys in the United States, according to the ABA National Lawyer Population Survey 2015 edition, and only 21 percent of partnered attorneys according to National Association for Law Placement, Research & Statistics."

Read More

Associate's Documentary on LGBTQ to be Aired on PBS

Fifty years ago,
Florida's Legislative Investigative Committee, led by Senator Charley Johns, sought to remove homosexuals from Florida's state universities. As a result of the “Johns Committee’s” efforts, more than 200 gay and lesbian students and teachers were expelled or fired. Featuring two of the victims and one interrogator, the film exposes the committee’s subversive activities and how its effects are still felt today.

About the Writer and Producer:

Monica Monticello is an Associate with Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice in New York. Monticello served as a Writer and Producer for The Committee, and in December 2014, earned a Suncoast Emmy for her work. Monticello received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, Burnett Honors College in 2013.

[Women in Compliance Award Nomination]

Women in Compliance Award Nomination

The Annual Women in Compliance Awards recognize and celebrate the successes and achievements of female compliance professionals from across the corporate spectrum. Kroll’s prestigious compliance team received two nominations in the 2016 Women in Compliance Awards:

[MariEllen Davies-Demarco]

Compliance Innovator of the Year

MariEllen Davies-Demarco
[Consulting Team of the Year]

Consulting Team of the Year

In The Media

“Many companies think the security they have in place is adequate, but that’s because they underestimate the value of what can be hacked.”

- Betsy Blumenthal

Cyber Security Due Diligence


How to Protect Yourself From Wire Transfer Fraud

December 30, 2014

“It's almost like people were dreaming or sleeping last year but coming back to reality this year.”

- Violet Ho

Asia Pacific Due Diligence Investigations


Whatever Happened to Good Old Fashioned Bribery?

October 24, 2013

View all insights

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My Tamed Protector of the Sahara

An Important Message for
LegalShield Members Covered
by Anthem Healthplans

Who is Affected?
Consumers insured by one of Anthem, Inc.’s plans:
• Anthem Blue Cross
• Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
• Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia
• Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield
• Amerigroup
• Caremore
• Unicare
• Healthlink
• DeCare

What Happened?
According to a statement from the company (, Anthem experienced a “sophisticated external cyber attack.”
Personal information of Anthem’s insureds and employees exposed includes:
• Names                                                        • Birth dates
• Medical IDs                                                 • Social Security numbers
• Street addresses                                         • Email addresses
• Employment information/income data
Anthem states that there is no evidence that credit card or medical information was compromised.
What to Do?
Anthem states they will individually notify those whose information was accessed. However, if you are insured by one of the Anthem plans you need to be aware of the following now:

Consider Placing Fraud Alerts 
You have the right by federal law to place fraud alerts with the three national credit reporting agencies (CRAs). This will place a statement on your credit reports to alert credit issuers that you may be vulnerable to identity theft and that they should take reasonable steps to verify that the person applying for credit is actually you.
Place an alert with all three CRAs by calling just one:
Equifax: 888-766-0008          Experian: 888-397-3742          TransUnion: 800-680-7289

Read LegalShield Identity Theft Plan Alerts
If you receive an alert from your Identity Theft Plan and do not recognize the activity as something you authorized, please call 888-494-8519 to speak to an Investigator.


Be Cautious
Scammers may try to use this event to trick people into giving up personal information. If you receive an email or phone call from someone claiming to be from Anthem and asking for your personal information, do not respond to them. Call Anthem directly at 1-877-263-7995 to determine if it was their actual representative who contacted you.

Linda Brown 
Vice President
LegalShield Identity Theft Member Services


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The next couple of months will be 'scary' for the markets, Leuthold Group CIO says from CNBC.

Horror movie tribute from Pavel Borisov on Vimeo.

Play free games at Kongregate

Bitcoin: The Bull Cycle pattern to $100,000. by InvestingScope on

Facebook under pressure but has a great track record over time, says analyst from CNBC.

A Postcard Christmas - III
Egyptian Mystery

Natural Disaster Risks
How prepared is your identity?
September 2014 is National Preparedness Month and calls us to "Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare." There are several things you can do now to help protect identification items as well as other important documents should you find yourself in the midst of a disaster.
This Insight gives direction for things to do before, during and after an emergency event.

An Inventory of "You"
Where is your PII located?
Your personal identifying information (PII) is likely found in many areas of your home. The damage caused by a natural disaster could make it inaccessible. Prepare an inventory of items containing your PII to help make it easier to locate and protect in such an event.  
Arm yourself with the information needed to get your items gathered and secured.


Home Depot Breach Announced
On September 8th, The Home Depot confirmed that its “payment data systems have been breached, which could potentially impact customers using payment cards at its U.S. and Canadian stores. There is no evidence that the breach has impacted stores in Mexico or customers who shopped online at”
If you shopped in a Home Depot store since April, 2014, and paid for your purchase with a credit or debit card, check the account for unauthorized charges.
If you find charges that you did not authorize, do the following:

Contact the financial institution that issued the card to you

Notify them of the unauthorized charges

Complete any paperwork required by the financial institutions (usually 1 - 2 page affidavit)

Expect that the financial institution should cancel the card in question and issue a new one

As always, if you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft or have questions about this breach not answered above, contact LegalShield's Identity Theft Plan. 

What You Are Saying:
"Thank you for being an easy service to access and for being responsive!" - Member in NV
"[My Investigator] did a very good job handling my situation. I did feel much better after talking with him. He took over the situation and . . . I felt it was taken care of in the right way." - Member in MN
"Good service. It made me feel good that the Investigator kept me on the phone while he activated the initial hold on my credit file." - Member in VA

"Your staff went far beyond what I thought they would do to help me after being a victim of identity theft. I feel so much better about my situation now." - Member in MO

Credit Report Clues
Do you know what to look for?
A credit report can be a powerful tool for consumers concerned about identity theft. A proper review could allow the consumer to discover incidents of credit-related identity theft and, in some cases, other types of identity theft.
Here we provide information for obtaining and analyzing your reports.

More Consumer Reports
What other reports can be reviewed?
In addition to credit reports, there are other consumer reports that can be and should be reviewed for signs of identity theft. Inaccuracies may just be simple reporting errors or could be
a hint of a serious identity theft event.
Here we describe some of the consumer reports recommended for review and how to obtain them.


Anatomy of a Credit Report

Quick Tip!
If you find that your credit card or debit card is lost or stolen, the first thing to do is call the financial institution that issued the card and report it is missing.The best phone number to use is the customer service number found on the monthly account billing statement. Or, plan ahead by copying the phone number from the back of each credit and debit card and keep the list of phone numbers separate from your cards so that you have the contact information handy in case a card is lost or stolen.

What You Are Saying:
"I have heard a lot about identity theft and thought I knew how to handle the situation that was presented to me. I was not prepared nor pleased with myself, I felt stupid. I knew I needed help and my first thought was to call LegalShield. A fraud investigator calmed me down, talked to me with respect which made me feel better about myself. I was happy I had LegalShield . . . Bravo and thank you, LegalShield." - Member in IL
"[My Investigator] was very helpful and let me know what she was going to do and was knowledgeable about my situation. Very happy about the identity theft plan." - Member in CA
"My Investigator needs to be commended. She was very professional and knowledgeable."  - Member in CA

"Yes! Great experience! We are fortunate to have such wonderful licensed Investigators on our side." 
- Member in AZ

Switzerland Tourism - Even if it Takes Awhile (Director's Cut) from Spencer MacDonald on Vimeo.

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Socialize Securely
How secure is your social networking?
Do you keep up with friends, family members and acquaintances by using a social networking website like Facebook or Twitter? Do you feel secure doing so?
There is a chance that your information is seen by more people than you expect and depending on what you share, you could put yourself at risk for identity theft.

Web Browser Alert
Is your browser making you vulnerable?
Regardless of the web browser you use, it could put you at risk of identity theft if you don't keep it updated with the latest releases from the developer.
This Investigator Tips provides information on the most widely-used internet browsers and the importance of receiving updates.


What's Your Identity Theft IQ?
We are excited to announce the launch of
“What’s Your Identity Theft IQ?” - an interactive
quiz that tests your knowledge of identity theft.
Challenge yourself over the course of 10 trivia questions, but BE CAREFUL! A crucial piece of
your identity will be "stolen" with each wrong answer. After the quiz, continue on to Identity Theft 101
and learn the basics of keeping your identity safe. 
Take the Quiz Now! 
What You Are Saying:
"My Investigator was very knowledgeable and efficient while being very polite and empathetic. Provided the best answers! Anyone without this service these days is truly out on a limb." - Member in OR
"As soon as I heard my Investigator’s voice I relaxed -- that may be a strange statement, but I was amazed at how quickly he came to the phone. He listened, repeated my concerns and within minutes assured me that I was okay. I love this membership!!" - Member in FL
"My Investigator was extremely knowledgeable, competent and empathetic. I could tell she wasn't just reading a script . . . I've told dozens of my friends and family about LegalShield and encouraged them to sign up." - Member in WA

"Incredible customer service. I was totally at ease after dealing with your personnel. He walked me through all necessary steps to bring a peace of mind to a somewhat unpleasant experience." - Member in FL

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