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MLS #: 1234567


Type: Condominium


Built in: 2003


Dimensions: 1,250 sq. ft.


Price: $325,000


Description: Located in downtown , these condos feature a great location, modern appliances and a spectacular view of the city.



  • 1 bedroom
  • 1.5 baths
  • Kitchen & dining area
  • Spacious living room
  • Den/office
  • Hardwood floors
  • Doorman

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Puerto Rico

Cybersecurity Breaks Out of Its Silo


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Live Animated Air Quality Map (AQI, PM2.5...) | AirVisual

Discover AirVisual Map, live world air pollution and air quality index (AQI) interactive 2D animated map combining PM2.5 data from public government, air quality stations, our community.

Reputation-Focused Due Diligence for Private Equity Investors – An infographic by the team at Kroll

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Case Study: M&A Cyber Risk Report

    Ryan SpelmanRyan Spelman

A Fortune 500 technology consulting company that regularly engages in M&A had concerns with the cyber security risk exposure of some recent acquisitions. After having a significant cyber security incident, the company contracted with Kroll to perform an objective, discreet and external review of the cyber risk exposure of their future acquisition targets. 

The Kroll team leveraged the CyberClarity360 platform to examine dozens of security criteria and industry benchmark data to provide both an absolute and relative cyber risk score for each target. Using this platform, Kroll evaluated:

  • The target's “attack surface” to better calculate risk and impact associated with visible digital assets
  • Key security metrics of the target's external IT infrastructure and public facing digital assets (e.g., website, web applications, portals, email servers, etc.)
  • Individual business credentials, accounts, passwords, profiles or other data linked to the target that had been exposed in breaches

By engaging Kroll, the consulting company can now understand the potential cyber risk exposure of their acquisitions and make better decisions about potential acquisition targets. Additionally, they can compare and contrast these external reviews with assessments their post-acquisition team performed of the target's cyber security maturity.

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101. Coca Cola
Audible Black History Month

Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Kroll provides corporations, financial institutions and their regulators globally with the specialized expertise and resources they need to meet their compliance and regulatory obligations and to respond to compliance and regulatory shortcomings.

Because our regulatory and compliance teams include former government regulators and corporate compliance officers, we can see regulatory and compliance risk through a regulator’s eyes and help organizations stay ahead of evolving standards.


  • Fraud / Corruption Prevention and Detection
  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • Corporate Compliance Advisory
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Workplace Misconduct Investigations
  • Sexual Misconduct Investigations
  • Monitorships
  • Crypto Compliance and Investigations
  • Financial Services Compliance Consulting
  • Cyber Risk
  • Supply Chain Investigations
  • Creating a detailed portrait of a supplier’s financial stability, operations, compliance and culture.

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the importance of accurately assessing supply chain risk. But managing supply chain risk will likely become significantly more difficult as it becomes more essential. Quality control and compliance are only the start. Operational resiliency under a wide range of threats must also be considered, and that resiliency depends on the preparedness of the supplier and the supplier’s local economic and political conditions. The larger geopolitical environment will become a factor as well. As globalization frays, many of the assumptions that kept supply chain risk in check may no longer hold. Organizations will need to think more critically about those they rely on and the jurisdictions where they invest capital, share intellectual property and send employees.   

    Kroll’s global reach and investigative expertise make us uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the clarity they need when facing these complex questions. Our Supply Chain Investigations team includes on-the-ground industry experts, investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts, cyber specialists and former regulators and law enforcement officers. This range of capabilities allows us to look beyond appearances to create accurate portraits of a supplier’s financial stability, production capacity, operational resiliency and compliance record, as well as its record and culture regarding workplace conditions, environmental regulations, sanctions compliance and human rights. Drawing on Kroll’s extensive local contacts and the expertise of our Political Risk team, we also make an objective assessment of the host country’s political sentiment and governmental capabilities in areas that can materially affect a supplier’s ability to perform, such trade policy, legal redress and enforcement and public safety and infrastructure.

    Kroll’s supply chain investigations can be tailored to meet a variety of situations, including:

    • The vetting or onboarding of potential suppliers or business partners
    • An enterprise-wide assessment of current supply chain risk
    • As part of the due diligence in planning facilities in foreign jurisdictions  

    Whatever the context, Kroll’s Supply Chain Investigations team can help identify and mitigate risks before they materialize and keep pace with changes in what has quickly become a highly volatile component of strategy and operations. 

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Cleanup continues after severe storms blow through metro Atlanta

Strong storms that rolled through metro Atlanta Monday night hit hard in several places. All morning we've shown you video of the Briarcliff Rd closure at Briar Vista Terrace. At 7 you get another view from Sky FOX Drone.

Kamakura Great Buddha (Kotoku-in Temple)
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